About RespiratoryTherapistLicense.com

Respiratory issues do not discriminate based on age. Those in need of respiratory care are often children with asthma, and just as often they are elderly people with COPD or other ailments that affect lung function and respiration. It takes a unique combination of therapeutic know-how and interpersonal skills to work with this diverse patient population; providing life-saving therapeutics while at the same time maintaining the kind of bedside manner that would put patents at ease even as they struggle to breathe.

RespiratoryTherapistLicense.com was created for those compelled to provide these vital therapeutic services to improve the lives of vulnerable patients with respiratory problems. RespiratoryTherapistLicense.com provides comprehensive guides detailing the specific licensing requirements enforced by each state’s Board of Respiratory Care. From education standards and exam study guides, to national certification options and license maintenance requirements, RespiratoryTherapistLicense.com serves as a comprehensive resource that will make it easier to choose the right school, qualify for licensure and maintain credentials through continuing education.

Whether you are just out of high school and exploring career options in the allied health professions, or considering a career change to the high-growth field of respiratory therapy, RespiratoryTherapistLicense.com will provide you with everything you need to become a highly qualified respiratory therapist.