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Improvised Tracheotomies: Sword, Steak Knife, Plastic Straw, Pen

Respiratory therapists don’t perform tracheotomies, cricothyroidotomies, or tracheostomies. However in emergency situations when it’s life or death knowing how to perform an emergency airway puncture can be invaluable. Like so much of English medical terminology, the word “tracheotomy” is derived …

UAHS Receives $27 Million to Fight Child Asthma

The University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) is thrilled to announce it will receive $37 million in federal grant funds to spearhead a national clinical study to prevent and/or cure child asthma. The clinical study will be a culmination of …

New Severe Asthma Drug Passes Final Clinical Trial

Many asthma medications on the market today treat the symptoms of asthma, causing patients to use inhalers and other medications that are only capable of treating restricted breathing on a case-by-case basis. A new medication from AstraZeneca is poised to …

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