Projected Job Growth Rate Among Respiratory Therapists Reflects the Importance of Respiratory Care

Statistical projections from the US Department of Labor show that the number of jobs in the field of respiratory care will increase by 19 percent in the next seven years. While some people may remain unaware of the significant role that respiratory therapists play in the healthcare field, their influence is undeniable.

This has never been more clear than with the case of respiratory therapists Jonathan Brady Scott and Anne Geistkemper. Scott is an active educator at a university while Geistkemper focuses on the pediatric area of the profession. Scott spends most of his time teaching in the university but still involves himself with patient care concerns. Geistkemper involves herself in addressing the respiratory issues of infants. The responsibilities involved in the field require respiratory therapists to operate in diverse settings and circumstances. Through their accounts, the transformative impact that respiratory therapists have had on patient care and overall quality of healthcare is made most apparent.

Like Scott and Geistkemper, these professionals can be found in labs, classrooms, and intensive care units. Some of them can also be found in outpatient clinics, sleep labs, and in transport teams that facilitate the process of transferring terminal patient cases. The skill set employed by respiratory therapists reflects the diverse nature of the surroundings they operate in. For Scott, professional fulfillment comes from the ability to use his skills to improve a patient’s quality of life. Geistkemper derives pleasure from playing a critical role in aiding infants during their critical development stages.

While respiratory therapists are not able to resolve all the issues that might result from respiratory illness, the treatment methods and new technologies the field has produced have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of patients. The projected job growth rate in this specialized field of medical care helps support the notion that respiratory therapists help improve the qualify of life for the patients in their care, making them a vita part of the allied health community.

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